Woodthorpe Tennis Club

Established in 1909 Tennis for All Ages

Play Before You Pay

We are more than happy for you to pop down and have a look round the Club before you join. The best times to visit are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as team and social sessions are running then - bring your kit for a hit!

Our membership year starts on May 1st every year, but you can join at any point throughout the calendar year and we'll apply a pro rata rate to your membership fee.

Don't forget, if it gets dark then floodlight usage is included within our membership rates. 

Membership Rates

Rates are very competitive; with adult membership at just £210 for the year you can play tennis every day for just £4.03 per week! Please contact us if you would like any further details.

  • Family discounts are available - see form for full details
  • Existing members need to submit payment by 31/05/2017 (split payment available)
  • If joining part way through the year: divide rate by 12 * months left until 30/04/2018

The Club Management Committee

If you have any questions regarding the Club then have a chat with one of our Committee members. Alternatively you can contact us via email or social media.

Elections are held annually at the Club AGM; please let us know if you'd like to get involved.

The Club Constitution

We didn't used to have a constitution then we realised it might be beneficial to have one, so the committee put in lots of hard work and came up with a proposed version, an EGM said 'fine by us', and the result is The Woodthorpe Constitution (March 2016). It goes hand-in-hand with the current version of our Club Rules (March 2008).